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Business Plan Workbook & Startup Guide

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The Ultimate Business Plan Workbook is a startup guide to start, manage and grow your business. This roadmap is a collection of business techniques and tools that will greatly improve the creative process of any startup looking to step up his own business.

220 Pages  |  Hard Cover  |  Art paper  |  Practical Workbook 



The workbook offers practical exercises, hands-on activities, detailed checklists, smart business tools, compelling articles, expert opinions, success stories, reading materials, daily quotes, and much much more..

After completing comprehensive 6 modules, you will have the master plan with you while operating your business. 

Module 1: Evaluating Your Idea

Is this really a valid product idea that has the potential to generate revenue or just an epiphany that would be best forgotten? This module evaluates the business opportunities, the business idea, and validation of the idea with complete market research.

Module 2: Marketing & Sales Plan

Do you have the perseverance, the knowledge, the contacts, the capital and a hundred other things required to turn your idea into a well defined business initiative? This section overviews the core elements, processes and steps needed to design, develop, and implement an effective, marketing, promotions, and sales plan.

Module 3: Building Systems & Processes

Do you have a list of the day-to-day processes that your business will perform to serve your customers? This module outlines the key processes and SOPs involved in the execution of the delivery along with the concrete goals, a roadmap and risk mitigating milestones. This section overviews the core element, processes and steps needed to take your idea from drawing board to delivery.

Module 4: Team Building

The people behind the idea: The right team can make all the difference. This section helps in building the team and systems the company will use and the management roles and skills required to execute the entire business plan.

Module 5: Finances and Financing

Do you know how much startup capital and time you will be required to run your business? This section evaluates the total funding required and the ways to generate funds. How and when the finances will be needed and dispersed. Identifying and ensuring the revenue streams that will contribute to reach break-even point as soon as possible.

Module 6: Developing Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Do you want to get the most out of your business idea? Make sure you're maximizing your own potential first. This module enables you to expand your entrepreneurial consciousness through goal setting, skills, habits, daily routine, lifestyle, attire, turnout and much much more..

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